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About VenWiz

Source and collaborate with vendors through a SINGLE platform

Service partners are key to efficiency, scale-up and innovation in manufacturing. Our AI powered platform helps users across Manufacturing industries discover, assess and collaborate with the right vendors.

How the Platform works

   Intuitive search

Seamless interface, intelligent filters and suggested job categories to make your vendor search rapid and easy

  Contextual match

Proprietary algorithm matching users' job requirements & plant profile to vendor capabilities & prior experience

   Curated vendor profiles

Holistic vendor profiles [Capabilities/ Experience/ References] and organized data for intelligent vendor selection

   Verified users

Rigorous verification and relevance checks at each step to ensure valid vendor information


Vendor Sourcing and collaboration made fast & simple


Qualified Vendors

Find pre-screened and capable vendors to improve performance


Efficient Sourcing

Faster discovery of vendors, their capabilities and costs


Build Transparancy

Digital record of all vendor communication and timelines

Discover service vendors the easy way


Level playing field for all service vendors


Leads that matter

Get matched to client leads based on your past performance and expertise


Digital Identity

Showcase all your capabilities, experience and references in one digital profile


Outgrow your circle

Access leads and partner with clients from new industries and locations pan-India

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